dec.2010 or first days of 2011 /foto by richie
I am meli and I drink a lot of coffee.
This blog started July 2008 in San Francisco, with my infamous popular theme:
bikes boys y coffee.

All content is written +photographed by me, independently, sponsor/ad-free. From time to time my friends have snapped a few. If at anytime not my own, always credited +properly URL/linked.

Bikes and The City is an established San Francisco blog. In addition to being a bicycle +women empowerment driven blog, it has extensively chronicled local events +businesses, bicycle advocacy, bike shops, stories +tales, happenings, photographs-- plenty of photographs, fabulous citizens, fantastic women, bites, brews, men and last but not least an artistic +creative perspective in the Bay Area. The blog published anywhere between 3-6 daily posts.

PERSONAL For years I've been known as the woman whose blood smells like espresso, wears a rather thick cat eyeliner +a sideponytail +wears colorful getups with red tights or an array of fun hues +patterns. I don't wear pants. A few years ago a beautiful black cat was adopted from the SF SPCA, her name is Velcro.
I have enjoyed being inspired by the blogesphere, connecting globally, meeting awesome people locally, sharing my point of view. It is an amazing community.

Life and family have changed for me as of last year, and I thought I would never be able to come back to many things, including taking any interest in photographs and writing. After a much needed reclusive time of soul-healing and spending time with my family +loved ones, slowly here I am.

WANDERLUST I do not stick to one neighborhood in San Francisco.
The city is tremendously small as it is grand.
Find me around town sipping coffee or drinking an anchor in good company with my friends.
Mostly walking these days, from time to time I take public transportation. Say hi.

Love love basketball y baseball.
Long time suffering dubs fan, and find me cheering for the Oakland atl├ęticos at the Coliseum.
I am often in Tijuana. I like to visit LA at least once a year.

Well this was a first, a few words for this 'about' segmento link :)
So from long-time readers to super new ones, friends and you-- my sincere appreciation for reading and visiting this blog.

2 de mayo, 2012 
from tijuana+san pancho, califas -- to the world
bikesandthecity [at] gmail [dot] com

*2014 current equipment for the curious eye: 
 mobile: LGE Nexus 5 | point+shoot: Lumix LX5 



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  3. I am looking for good bike routes to bakeries in SF, any guidance?


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