Friday, May 28, 2010

With love from the NOPAlands: Mural in progress.

in progress
Could not resist having the Frenchie pose for a photo in front of the colorful (already!) mural on Fell & Scott street. I first learned about it via Pagelands finest, the calitexican - then I read all the details here: Mural in progress via BikeNOPA
This made me smile. I'm not sure I would have paid much attention to what was there before, as that area, personally, is highly stressful. I'm pretty slow as is, so there are a myriad of cyclists passing me very fast when I ride past this corner, and the traffic I just keep a very close eye to. It is a plate full of chaotic stress and it is nice to see the progress of a happy mural *ponytail* included.
♥I liked that the most.
in progress


  1. Hey, this just in! Coffee and Bicycles, :

    Hot brewed or cold, two rickshaws make an entire coffee bar. 3 guys had the idea, made it work.

  2. Nice colors. I'd like to see the finished product.

  3. sig/ :D

    tinker/ woaaa - thanks for the link, will def. repost soon! have you seen RIE over in japan?! totally awesome

    rat trap/ oh for sure - i'll post some pics and everything

  4. What a gorgeous mural! The colors are awesome already - hope you'll take more pictures to update us as it gets finished. Good for you for riding slowly and enjoying the beautiful artwork and all the beauty/funkiness of everyday life- your blog is a real inspiration and I really love reading it. Ride on!

  5. hello Sophie W!!
    thanks so much for stopping by and for such nice comments and Im very happy to hear that <3
    I'll certainly post more pictures as this progresses, it is a make-you feel good corner, the colors just explode of positive vibes at you (mind you the traffic is CRAZY fast on that street...)


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