Monday, September 21, 2009


Here are some daylight hair photos taken on Haight next to the skate shop and a new hat I got in the lower haight ;)
Caught red dot handed
Caught red dot handed. (Panchito inside the wrapped pacakge)
The more-coffee-please face
The more-coffee-please face
cat in the hat
cat in the hat
red purple + red purple
red purple + purple red

There was a lot of skin to be seen around ;)
Apparently we were supposed to have a heat wave... I didin't think we had a 'heat' wave at 70°.
Some sun worshippers did and busted out their sun clothes, or lack there of.


  1. Great hair and hat :) Purple and red together are fun.

  2. Wait! There is more hair there than I first thought. I like. The hat is rockin'. And of course, I love it when you have my shoes on.♡☺

  3. dottie/ gotta keep'em wacky!

    sigrid/ oh I know, this hair - it's a tricky one. gimme another trip to the salon and it'll be something else.
    yes yes luv, mi casa of shoes es tu casa of shoes ha haaa


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