Monday, March 17, 2014

mucha música Monday

Thee Oh Sees: Penetrating Eye

Jaakko Eino Kalevi: No end
Found this because it's under “Weird World Record” I hit play.

Ana Tijoux: Sacar la Voz
Ana is playing here in SF this week, and it is sold-out. When will I learn to get tix more than a few weeks ahead. Story of my life. :/
Here is a goodie from 2012.

Cibo Matto: Emerald Tuesday (Live on KEXP)
Speaking of missing tours, I missed Cibo Matto in Feb. Cool they have a new record out. Last I saw Miho Hatori (1/2 of the band) was in 2007 here in San Francisco, with the now defunct Los Abandoned ♥ at the GAMH. It was los awesome.

This is also a released Cibo Matto video from Dec.2013:

David Lynch: The Big Dream (Moby Reversion Featuring Mindy Jones)
This is slow and gloomy, the perfect dose from David Lynch for a Monday morning. From his channel:
“The Big Dream (Moby Reversion Featuring Mindy Jones) Taken from The Big Dream Remix EP 12" on clear red vinyl. Out 19th April 2014 exclusively for Record Store Day. Limited to just 1000 copies worldwide.” 

La Luz: Morning High (Live on KEXP)
Roaming the internet I found about La Luz band, if Stereolab had kids or nieces and they were raised in California/the west coast and started a band – it would sound like these young women from Seattle. I like it, sounds promising. Stoked for up & coming all-women bands ♥

Stereolab: French Disco
Per the above video, a refresher – one of THE best band in the early 1990s. fcukyeah stereolab:

St. Vincent: Digital Witness
Playing at the Fox in Oakland this Saturday. This video feels like the weekly grind w/o any unexpected boom at the end …

Split Screens: The Sinner
Another local show happening also on Saturday at the Bottom of the Hill, which I just recently learned from the bay Bridged [posted: Split Screens to release new 7-inch, “The Sinner”] Good easy track to listen after a meeting, or something.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

yesterday: sol de wednesday.

just wanted to say hi.
drawing break con los cactus: pretty en firey pink
This meditation mental break oasis / cactus garden was designed in the 1800s.
“…was designed for Jane and Leland Stanford by landscape architect Rudolf Ulrich between 1881 and 1883 –source.

See two sets of recent monthly visits to this magical gem, in an-almost-hidden northern corner on the Stanford University campus, Palo Alto:
All fotos in this cacti set taken with mi mobile phone [LGE Nexus5].

Looking forward to the weekend.
Have a nice one,

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

mucha música Monday: March

February is a personal eternity but I cherish its deep meaning. I welcome March with music and a sincere smile. Music makes most situations ,and in some instances cubicles, just a bit better, right? 
Have a great start of the month –

Karen O: The Moon Song [KCRW live recording]
Saw this performed this past weekend at the Oscars. Very sweet, can't wait to see the movie “Her.”
Writer/Director Spike Jonze, Singer Karen O and Production Designer KK Barrett performed a special acoustic version of the Oscar-nominated "The Moon Song" for Morning Becomes Eclectic.

And the Giraffe: Sorry
Awhile ago I received a sweet email from Nick (thanks!) introducing his band: Nashville-based And the Giraffe:
We recently strapped a film camera to the front of a bicycle with some spare rigging equipment we found in our friend/director's garage and some duct tape. The whole video cost us about $200 to make and we got to ride around LA and out into the desert for some gorgeous shots at the end. It really offers a unique perspective of being able to see yourself as you ride a bike!” 

Their video is filmed en ELAY. Have not lived there, so I love visiting Los Angeles. Also, would love to one day visit Nashville –

Arctic Monkeys: Do I want to know?
Had heard the song and liked it but had not yet seen the video, very playful. Directed by David Wilson–
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? from David Wilson on Vimeo.

Chulius and The Filarmónicos: Leita
Because us gals wake up with pushup bras everyday. Good light song to not take ourselves too seriously, right :)

Angel Olsen: Hi-Five
Just learned because of her words “I am the only one ” via the LATimes [Angel Olsen learns there's nothing wrong in a little selfishness] and she is playing tonight at the Great American Music Hall.

Guacamole: Recuerdos
Nice! They have a small amount of work online, but sound very promising. and delicious :)
Guacamole live session Xalapa 2013Facebook:

St Vincent and her Rainbow:
“At 12 I stopped playing soccer and picked up the guitar” Adorable. via rookiemag

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saturday: Bart

We were headed on a standing-room only after the Warriors game on a westbound Bart train.

Some soft spoken guys with equally rough and beautiful calloused hands, were talking about tomorrow's BBQ, half English, half Tagalog. The one in the navy blue and orange thunder-era Warrior jacket offered me an open seat. I nodded and said Thanks, getting off soon. They smiled then sat down, and continued their BBQ chatter which had suddenly turned into a shopping list check-off.

Standing near the door was a young couple in the twenties perhaps, exchanging that look of glittery affinity for each other. Their body language was raw and delicate, without holding hands or talking though facing each other, they seemed perfectly synchronized.

If you like me, have a weak right knee that acts up past your bedtime while riding Bart or any moving public transportation dinosaur - you position your feet ready so you don't lose balance during each stop.


I find myself quite timid for certain things, but from time to time decide to go with my intuitive gut. It usually turns into somekind of story that I find myself telling my girlfriends over coffee. Or when people ask a sincere What is new? Stories are always new. Even if you repeat them, they are narrated differently.

Coming off that high adrenaline after watching the basketball victorious game, I talked to her and her boots.
× Nice docs. Don't think I have seen that combination yet.
× Oh, thanks! Looks like yours are pretty broken in.

× Ah, yes. Long milage for sure.

× Well I'd really like to break'em in good but haven't had a chance to wear these ones exclusively, YOU know - once you wear docs, you can't wear anything else. I have a few other pairs … she laughed.

×  Well said. I said.
Her docs were a matte black with a white sole and a gray bottom.
She smiled and waved goodbye.

Civic Center.

saturday: bart


Sunday, February 23, 2014

The New Yorker cover, August 1955

The New Yorker cover, August 1955 as a greeting card y grocery bag decoration :)
the new yorker cover, august 1955 as a greeting card y grocery bag decoration :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spinster Saturday

Local filmmaker/producer/awesome amiga KT and her film The Spinster featured in an interview by Brazil's Movimento Conviva QUÉ COOL♥ included with poster I designed for her limited edition poster (!!)
Check it out: The Spinster, suspense sobre duas rodas

Monday, February 3, 2014

mucha música Monday: febrero edition

Santa Sabina: Estando aqui no estoy
Having a teenager niece, I retract to music that I liked at her age and we talk about it. Last week I introduced her mid-90's björk songs and Rita Guerrero, the vocalist for Santa Sabina (Mexico). I got to see her once in concert, and it was a very indie/feminist inspiration, before I really knew what that meant. Rita passed about 3 years ago at age 46 :(

Hibbity Dibbity: Gold
Nice little tune that I found myself listening while reading the interwebs.
–found via the BayBridged

St. Lucia: When the Night [2013]
I forget how I came across this song. It's a bit fast if you like to wake up and listen to something a little upbeat while making coffee. It's 7 minutes, so boil water, grind and frenchpress after 5 minutes. It works out for me. Kinda want to wear fluorescent leg warmers, though.

Emmet y Edith Gowin
This particular video isn't about music per se. It is about love, craft and photography. Partnership from both ends of the lens, and in life. Such a beautiful relationship, I enjoyed viewing it so much.
–found via Ike Edeani

David Lynch: And Light Shines
This one dropped last week. It is just a tad, tiny bit, Negativland.

Ana Tijoux: Vengo
Ana's new album drops in March. Her new single Vengo (I come) became available a couple of weeks ago. She is such a good MC.

María del Pilar: Quien Eres
No better way to start the week, and the month with a new Pilar video. She is a total belleza musical! Her music is such a dose of mucho happy con glitter. ♥♥♥

Pharrell WIlliams: Happy (Dubs edition)
Speaking of happy, I love basketball. Love the dubs.
Last Thursday we got to see the premiere of this Golden State version video at the game versus LA Clippers during a prolonged timeout (nationally televised-game timeouts aka commercials, can be quite lengthy) with my friend Butter Bill at the Oracle Arena.
And Curry with an A's hat, not sure I can love that All-Star any more.

My fave are the little kids, they have some great moves. So talented!
It is inspired from the 24hoursofhappy by Pharell Williams, which I had not seen the website for … where have I been?! Very cool :)

Have a great week –– xxomeli.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hemlock, 2009.

I really enjoy finding old sketches.
This small notepad is not as old, but I found it this past weekend quietly hiding underneath a very broken transat saddle I somehow refuse to get rid of. I am very minimal and don't usually keep or hoard stuff at all, but this saddle has been an exception.

Finding a notebook with my notes and sketches is always a good time to pause and peek back into moments and observations.

found a mini pad from summer 2009. this is dated july 24th, a friday.

This had to be a random guy across the bar. Omar and I, along with a few other friends used to go to the Hemlock for happy hour quite frequently as it was a pivotal bike route point for many of us and our jobs during that year. We usually sat by the pool table (now communal long table) or at the bar where we could kinda see the bike rack. When it was earlier and slow, you'd see a bike or two inside.

Some of mi favorite moments at the Hemlock since turning 21 have been hanging out with the guys after I got laid off before the recession, Spectrum playing in that back stage, my mom getting free drinks because, well she is my mom –Not that card– because I can leave that woman alone and she would've chatted up with the bartender anyway, she engages people within seconds, has great narrative, has probably read a book about it, and was born in chaotic city urban settings. If you've met her, you know there is no need for explanation, but I like expressing admiration.
And also one of Ratta's birthdays.
And you can still get a baggie of hot peanuts for a dollar.

That little red notebook was given to me by my dear friend Daniel, he is from the East coast and moved back to Nueva York shortly after college. He visits from time to time. We miss him. I miss him. and speaking of birthdays, it was Qeli's birthday this month and feel grateful she is just a Bart ride away. As well as my girlfriends from school within a bus ride.
see, hear, speak no daniel
[Qeli, yo y Daniel] This was from 2009 as well, Muffin took this foto from across the table. We had dinner at Toyose on Noriega and 45th.
I love you friends.

Slowly more present, and proud of myself for somewhat getting back to the notebooks, writing a bit, y sketchpads almost on a daily basis.
To life, to my friends starting families (♥and babies!) old friends, and new. So lucky to have in my life, even the ones that have parted ways –– and to Qeli's birthday, we will be celebrating this Friday.

Words propelled by a halt upon a mustache recorded on a random, singular page.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Books, breakfast burritos y cafecito: Atwater Village, Los Angeles (June, 2012).


Over mi breakfast burrito this morning, I started thinking about great spots for breakfast burritos outside my family+relatives kitchens, of course.
In 2012, during a short weekend getaway to Los Angeles, we visited this hole in the wall for the second time in the Atwater Village, a neighborhood in Los Angeles located northeast neighboring Griffith Park and Silverlake. I first pleased my belly there with papa-veggie-love as suggested by la Ratta awhile before that.
“All burritos have cheese”. –– Everything should have cheese.

As pointed out by my mom, this place appeared in a Bourdain episode (her celebrity author/TV boyfriend) I guess that is pretty good, as it provides a ton of business to smaller mom/pop places.
The papas in those burritos ARE super deliciosas, have yet to find another place similar to Tacos Villa Corona. I chatted with one of the women for a second in Spanish and she gave me a sticker, she said “just please dont stick it around our place, it is for elsewhere than here, OKAY?” :) –– Sí, OK pues, I replied.

Anyways, walking around Atwater was a bit of a challenge, I think that day was in the mid 90°s F.
A bookstore.
Kaldi was a cute coffee shop. Caldi means hot in Italian, indeed it was!

Just wanted to share a few pictures, from that summer morning in 2012.