Wednesday, September 17, 2014

macaroons y front.

is it the weekend yet?! here is a foto I forgot to share from last Saturday, had cafecito en Potrero Hill w/butterbill, he even brought macaroons! :D We met a nice gal visiting from Vancouver

♥ cafecito × (at @FrontSf in San Francisco, CA)

Monday, September 8, 2014

mucha música Monday: links sent y text alerts edition.

It has been a bit since last time I shared some música, so here we go:

× Janelle Monáe: Electric Lady
This is a very pop/happy song for my Darian taste, but so fun and light. Cheery is contagious, if you let it. lalalaaa ;) and I do love Janelle ♥

*H/T —via the fab LGRAB gals

× Li Xi, Everyone is Dirty & Sister Crayon
Last Friday I checked out both these bands at the Rickshaw Stop alongside hormones aka all-ages show.
It was great.
Big thank to my pal Mr. Cline for being rad and texting me that day as he would be in the band opening for them. Couldn't make it in time to see him work his magic a major psychedelic-musical ongoing crush via musical updates continues to develop.
This is his band Li Xi, hope to catch them again soon:

And these, also gal-driven bands, we got to see and they were just great.
I'll upload some fotos at some point:

× Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto
Had bookmarked this from something linking to this Vice article.

Sidenote: Anytime there is a Colombian event in the Bay, I really enjoy seeing those straw/with-the-black-lines hats, so cool!
party prep música
(Foto I took from Stern Grove 2009)

× Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)
This will be a great pre-meeting warm up. Or making coffee in the AM in your underwear, more realistically the monument being that fresh cup of coffe, am I right?

× Charles Lloyd – Manhattan Stories Mini-Documentary
On a jazz note, another great clip, I really love listening to history/facts in music:

× Boiler Room Collections: EGON
I was introduced to BoilerRoom just this year, I am a fan. Also on soundcloud
“Boiler Room set up shop in Egon’s office in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA as he digs through his own collection, playing a few records.”
I have had this bookmarked (clip is almost 2hrs) and have gone back to it since about June. Great listening, and viewing the LPs with liner notes peeking out. OH! :)
Enjoyed quite a bit the DJ notes here and there where each band was from when available.

*H/T two clips above — via long time blog reader+twitter pal always sharing great links @dirtycyclist

× William Onyeabor: Atomic Bomb
This is from end of year 2013 and just getting a hold of this, they played here back in May.
What a nice melody. This will be a great soundtrack to mid-afternoon workdaze navigations this week. What do you think?

× Melissa Aldana
A 21 year old saxon great young woman from Chile, now based in NY.
The interview is in Spanish but the CC translates, if you are interested. I think she is awesome.

× Phillip Glass: In the upper room Dance No.9
Endless emails? Long meetings? Jam to this. All the cosmic to your desk will gather and join team caffeine :)

*H/T three clips above — via my fabulous friend Nina.

× Bike To The Future (Quest science | PBS)
This isn't a music video, but it is like the Jetsons! The future is here.
Would you ride one? I'd love to one day visit North Carolina.

*H/T — sent by reader Dave H. of unctv.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Word – Solo photography show by Ade.

felicidades y congratulations to mi amiga Ade for her solo b+w photography show at CCSF Visual Arts gallery last night “One Word.”
I got there a bit towards the end, and got some quick snaps, her photographs were a great narrative of what you wanted them to be. Just beautiful b+w pieces with great one word as titles.
Her BYOB (metrofiets aka ballena) made an appeance and was her gallery on the go for the yummy wine/snacks served at the CCSF Camera Obscura gallery. Love u, SO proud of ya!

¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
there is no app to find your friends, either follow the noise or the signs. or this one :)
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
this sign is from an adjacent gallery (with small robotic-like objects)

CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | Visual Arts building.

Just wanted to share some quick mobile-uploaded images from the gallery :D
big congrats again Ade! ♥

/All fotos above taken w/Nexus LG mobile apparatus.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cambria, CA.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
I've never given for granted my proximity to smelling and seeing the Pacific Ocean. Often times this becomes a palpable essence, in particular when speaking with east coasters or new pals I meet from various regions in the country. I consider myself lucky to just get to the ocean when the world hurts. News, and what we as humans are capable of doing to each other, is infuriating. Heading to the ocean, may feel at least to me, like the least one can do to seek a moment of perspective, quiet, and solitude – even for just a couple of minutes.

I love this abundant body of water so much and deeply appreciate the ocean's strong foundation it has within me, it has witnessed highs and lows. Constantly influencing a patient and respectful approach to the everyday.
It listens to questions that may not have an answer, conversations only heard by the ocean breeze.

Throughout my twenties the bicycle was the peace of mind I sought after on a daily basis, but the peacefulness that nature provides, in particular its lifelong dose of sea layer, has intensified and thus placed itself on a different mental category in the last couple of years.

As in life, one may get to know the ocean's tide patterns, get comfortable.
But it is rather wise to not be easily fooled and underestimate its power.

Do you have any special place from your home state (or your adopted one) that receive your constant admiration? Would love to hear it, if you'd like to share.

My native coastal Baja+Californian pride continues to extend – If at all possible :)
Have a great week ahead.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosaMELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa

/ The Pacific Ocean: fotos above from the weekend in Cambria (and first visit!) alongside a group of great gals. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

windows y sidewalks

geary street
Neiman Marcus store with cool window paper/patterns on Geary street. In the two seconds it took me to capture this, a young tourist teenager went around me in order to not get in the way :)
I was going to wait for Muni but instead did a nice walk around downtown on a Sunday afternoon. Was not too crazy.

colorful window no.2
colorful window no.1
Sidewalk colorful sightings in Laurel Heights.

adams point en oakland.
Adams point en Oakland.

in good company w/bike dudes y young skater
Bart window. I was sitting near two young men, one had a beat up skate and the other was halfway holding his bike and eating a snack. His bike had a large basket and his super size messenger bag was 3x bigger than his slim body.

Each time Bart emerges in the East Bay from the long mystery pitch black bay tunnel of anxiety, I look down and nod to the one intersection I fell flat on my face SO hard while riding my friend Yaeger's bike over a decade ago in west Oakland, luckily no semi trucks were around those big empty boulevards… I wrecked his front wheel. I didn't have a cell phone. I walked from there to Broadway and stopped at a gas station to eat a donut and a warm gatorade. The gal working there had really long neon green nails. It was one long Saturday morning.

Tuesday, July 8th.
National anthem. Tuesday, July 8th at the Coliseum.

“go easy EH” :D ♥
Deli board on Folsom. Great sandos.

burger for KT. beer para mi.
burger for KT. beer para mi.
Bistro SF has two 21st amendment beers on draft, and Anchor Steam. Nice!

Familia Sunday lunch, pizza time in San Anselmo.

girls day out :) w/muffin y qeli.
Saturday lunch y walk around Lake Merrit/Grand with Muffin y Qeli.

Roam burgers
Roam burgers back in June. Great burgers for meat lovers and veggies alike, beer. Big open windows. Usually crowded, but not too bad.

wheelchair ramp yellows. exploratorium yellows.
Window pixels at Howard and Moss. I really like looking at those windows.
This is a previous shot from 2012 (foto of a foto) on film, tmax 100:

All images, except this b+w above, taken with mi device phone, called Nexus 5.
OK that is all, hope your Tuesday is going well.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


from el passenger seat: asi nuestros veranos. yo, en la minoría popular — los adoro.
Summer time. The alert sign reads HEAVY FOG… :)

Approx. 15 miles north from the Golden Gate bridge is Pizzalina in San Anselmo, delicious.

mi favorite peet's of the north w/ its majestic Michael Schwab posters ♥
Coffee pit stop at mi favorite Peet's of the north w/ its majestic Michael Schwab posters.

Sunday was a day for pizza, coffee and baseball watching. The A's swept the Toronto Blue Jays and it was a sunny day in Marin.
The Peet's in the picture above y below, is one of my favorite of their new-ish locations because of its poster art. In addition to the two included in the phone fotos, there is a landscape-poster of that glorious sipping coffee time, and a vertical one of a cup with a imperfect swirly milk on top, just beautiful - with the words cappuccino.
It has not felt right to take a picture of the other two (which aren't as big) as there always seems to be people enjoying their coffee/devices/chatter next to them.
the peet's coffee de novato, has the biggest michael schwab posters I've ever seen :) ♥
From a previous time.

Speaking of Schwab, he is an iconic designer based in Marin. He has designed great logos, posters for national parks, companies, events. If you are unfamiliar with him, you can browse his portfolio pieces here.
Anyway, I also wanted to share his latest design seen in posters and banners around the Fillmore district and Pacific Heights. The annual Jazz festival happened this weekend:
fillmore at dusk × walked few miles, ended w/burger at roam on fillmore near pine.
Not taken today Sunday, but a few days ago.

Fillmore street has a nice blog, and they recently featured the making-of the 2014 Fillmore Jazz poster interview with Schwab. I learned that he is designing the upcoming Santa Clara Superbowl logo (new 49ers is approx. 40mi south from SF), which comes as no surprise. If you follow baseball, you may remember he designed the 2007 All-Star identity.
If you like me, are a poster fan, designer or just curious, here is the article:
The New Fillmore: At the top of his game

OK, I already can't stop thinking about tomorrow's coffee.
Mondays after a 3-day weekend are just not the greatest things … blah blah blah :)
That is all for now.

three quick fotos

Three day weekends are the bestest of best.

wishing all a great 4th of july! took this last nite, the flag y two san francisco breweries say stay safe + have fun!  ×  feliz dia de la independencia estadounidense, por acá con la bandera y dos cerveceras en la barra de aquí mero en san pancho. bonito
Thursday: Improptu pre-4th of July beer time y fútbol chatter with mi amiga KT :) at the our favorite Pacific Heights spot, SF Bistro.

Friday: Civic center station. Béisbol Bart bound – Los Oakland A's win to the Toronto Blue Jays in extra innings :)

lemond in a gigantic oakley ad
Saturday: Californian legend Greg Lemond + Oakley ad at the Powell street Bart station.

And still not over. Have a great Sunday all.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Palo Alto.

Last week I attended a design/creativity weeknight lecture in downtown Palo Alto.

greetings de downtown Palo Alto.

Walking from the Caltrain Station to one of the Palantir buildings where the lecture was taking place, was a great dose of people watching. And people watching. I saw a couple of these c-racks (above) which always remind me of the first time I came across a possible prototype (display?) in 2008 in that same corner.
Don't let the capture fool you. Not sure how I managed to take the photo with no people or cars. It was crazy crowded that evening.

I love window reflections, and look at these post-it notes!
They are the analog photoshop collages from the indoor to the out.
downtown palo alto.

Here is the description of the event:
“A Crash Course on Creativity Creativity often feels like a mystery. Whether we are struggling to generate fresh ideas or staring at problems with no solutions in sight, the spark of creative genius often seems out of reach. In this talk Tina Seelig reveals a set of tools and conditions that we each control our Innovation Engine - that allows us to increase our own creativity and that of our teams and organizations. She shows that just as the scientific method demystifies the process of discovery, there is a formal process for unlocking the pathway to invention.” –via eventbrite for reference only.
Having worked at one of the top ten fortune500 company, an under-10 employees startup, and everywhere in between over the last decade, I'm always quite eager to check out new company spaces, their vibe, what they provide in the restrooms (airbnb HQ), lecture halls, peek into equipment at their AV theaters (worked at one! fave jobs ever) available for free or low-cost lectures and open to the public – and of course the people speaking, or presenting!

Catching Tina Seelig's lecture was a treat! She is very kind, funny and engaging.
Very refreshing for Silicon Valley :)
Not sure the video of this particular night talk has been uploaded, so if you are interested to hear her talks, search for her in youtube for past lectures.
This one is great: The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People

This is me taking notes.
I've always sketched, however 2014 has been a year I have found myself drawing as constantly as I did during my undergrad years.
I showed Dr. Seelig my sketch and asked her if she'd be kind to sign it, and she did. She loved it.
How cool is that?!
Tina Seelig: Inventure talk at Palantir, Palo Alto

red bikes outdoor.
Red bikes outside.
red bike indoor.
Red bike inside the patagucci store.

I head to downtown Palo Alto about a handful of times a year, but prefer the California old downtown to University avenue.
If you are thinking it is because of pizza, you are correct.
The guys from Pasta? opened Terún a couple of years ago. I recommend it for a nice dinner with friends, or a date. Try their limoncello. Now I want a negroni.

downtown palo alto.

Speaking of food, I recently picked up tamales from a youth camp fundraiser, which were SO kindly delivered by bike from San José by our very own local celebrity worldwide famous superblogger Richard of cyclelicious.
TAMALICIOUS × tamales delivered by very own bikey celebrity+dad @cyclelicious :) ¡gracias!

Most of recent Palo Alto moments are from dinner with good peninsula friends Diana, and also Eric from time to time.

October last year.

That is all I got for you on Palo Alto, for now.
Have a nice day.

Past Palo Alto posts here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had a few days of vacation other than the NYE/holiday break for the first time in a couple of years and spent quality time with mi loved ones. It was precious time.
To conclude the break, I was fortunate to see two of mi dear amigas yesterday and we watched the Mexico vs. Croatia game in the StreatFood corner at 11th and Bryant.

I drew Adrienne:
Ade, Declan y loud fútbol fans.
I drew this several hours after watching the MEXvsCRO game with Adrienne y Declan. Saw la CTX for a short bit too :)

I've tried to exercise my sketching process after the fact, just for fun and something different. I prefer doing people+places while present, however I often rather dedicate my focus and observations to simply enjoying the moments life gifts to one's day.
Just wanted to say hi, I'm here observing, often reading – but mostly eating.
Hope your corner of the world is treating you well.

Monday, June 2, 2014

fotos while walking: march y april

In the month of May, I've walked the most this year - so far. I'm not sure that I am the right person to really get into a gadget for pace/distance counting purposes, but I have really enjoyed walking as a personal time for meditation and inspiration.

Often times I have quick chats with flowers. Somehow I always come across crows. There is often writing and random notes I spot. As someone who has almost-entirely and exclusively used a bicycle primarily over the last decade, as of three years ago I have committed myself and prefer walking. It is one of my favorite things to do. walk. and walk.

Here are some pictures and short descriptions from around March and April, in no particular order  :)
Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

klay klay
This is near the sharktank in San José.

taylor y sutter.
This is at Taylor and Sutter, it was April 20th and there were many people dressed up walking around downtown. We were just headed down to have a burger at Pearl's and I really liked the afternoon light.

308 en el 510.
This is near Jack London Square, where the idea was to get some morning coffee before a weekend Oakland A's game but a bloody mary made an intervention, we obliged to such detour.

omar y qeli. muffin y yo, behind. de last night.
Mi friend Omar visited that week and mi girlfriends and I joined him for an improvised night of beers y burritos. We walked with Qeli to the Bart station and then parted ways.

brian barneclo 220+ft mural on shotwell
This is a Brian Barneclo re-painted mural, it is almost half a block long! The colors are cream y orange.

stockton street. remember you like it was yesterday.
This is on Stockton street, right by Bush street. mi mom and I walked to the Metreon to meet la calitexican for the screening of the Cesar Chavez movie.

oh hai
April 6: Ft. point/Crissy field. Coffee then 2mile walk with mi buddy Matt. Then met up with mi sketching group under the bridge. Then I got hungry. Gorgeous day!

red flowers.
This isn't a sidewalk per se, but it is at the public courtyard and viewing point from the SF Art Institute on Chestnut street.

los quiet morning club.
Los quiet morning club, outside a busy Peet's coffee, finding the quiet moment seekers.

/All images taken with mi phone (Nexus 5) with the exception of the Golden Gate bridge one, that was w/the Lumix LX5.